Oh deer, missing reindeer

    The middle reindeer on the PAM Furnishings Christmas lights display has been stolen. Picture: Supplied.

    December is the time when everyone gets into the Christmas spirit, for PAM Furnishings in Yeppoon their Christmas spirit was stolen from their roof.

    On Tuesday, 5 December the outdoor lights display was vandalised with a reindeer being stolen.

    Although the outdoor lights display faced theft, this hasn’t stopped display organiser Nicole Clemfield from continuing the yearly window display.

    The Christmas displays continuously evolve, starting out with a Christmas tree and some furniture to today’s extravagant Christmas window displays.

    PAMS Furnishing spokesperson Ms Clemfield said this is the first year she decided to bring the lights display outside and possibly the last.

    “I wanted to make the display bigger and more 3D, I got my husband and my boss on board, they got up on the roof and they installed everything for me,” she said.

    “I believe the reason they did get on the roof is because the roofers next door at IGA just conveniently decided to put scaffolding up at Christmas time.

    “We have got the offenders on camera and it is just young drunk adults, so I don’t think it was premeditated, they actually used the scaffolding to climb up on my roof.”

    Nicole is hoping the parents or a friend will recognise where the reindeer is from and hopefully report the theft or return it back to PAM Furnishings.

    Nicole has notified the local police and the scaffolding company on the situation and has been unsuccessful in locating the reindeer.

    After the theft Nicole called her husband and told him to take everything down because she was so angry and upset.

    “Once I calmed down I thought to myself, why does one person have to ruin it for the town,” she said.

    “I turned all the lights off, the lights had not been on for two nights and it was going to be three, But I’ve decided from Wednesday they’ll be back on, less our middle reindeer of course.”

    A painted sign has been installed in place of the missing reindeer.

    The sign has a large question mark and reindeer written underneath so people passing know the light was stolen.

    Nicole has asked other local business owners how they deal with theft and vandalism and the only way they’ve gotten through it is by grinning and bearing it.

    PAM furnishings asks if anybody knows where it is to report it, whether it be anonymously, or in person.