Three coffees to try


For some, drinking coffee is a daily ritual, and others a means of survival. While your caffeine addiction might have you reaching for a cup regularly, if you find yourself getting bored of the same flavours, it might be time to switch your order up. Here’s some quirky variations we recommend:-

1. Dirty chai on soy

The spices mixed with espresso and steamed milk is delightful for those who don’t like strong coffee. Dirty chai also has a range of health benefits including aiding heart and gut health, and easing diabetes.

2. Iced oat milk latte

An iced oat milk latte is a refreshing drink made of espresso, oat milk and ice. The slightly sweet and smooth milk alternative has seen a recent surge in popularity with consumers citing environmental and nutritional benefits.

3. Bullet coffee

A mix of coffee, MCT oil and butter, this keto coffee is an energising drink sure to kick start your day. The bullet coffee is suited to many diets including paleo, keto, and intermittent fasting. It’s lack of carbs triggers weight loss through ketosis, and it is also said to boost cognitive function.