Ibis is a familiar sight

The Glossy Ibis is the smallest member of the Ibis family.

Birds in our World with Keith Ireland

Whether you love them or hate them, the Ibis are a part of our community. The most common in our surroundings is the White Ibis, also known as the Sacred Ibis while the Straw- necked Ibis is often seen in company with the white variety.

Least known and usually keeping to the fresh water ways like swamps, lagoons and other similar types of habitat is the smallest member of the three Ibis, the Glossy Ibis (pictured). They received their name Glossy because of the metal-like shine on their reddish brown coloured wings.

After some heavy rain periods, at a lagoon where I had been looking for birds, I came across a backwash where the water had overflowed and accumulated. A number of water fowl were in this area so I decided to set up a hide. A few days later I was waiting with camera all set up.

Things were rather quiet untiI I saw a group of about twelve Glossy Ibis meandering along from behind the reeds and heading in my direction. I hadn’t seen them there before but their arrival really made my day.

The Glossies prefer to live in company with other members of its species, searching through the shallow waters where they can find insects and other small creatures to eat.

Being nomadic, the flock does not seem to remain in one area for a great length of time before moving on.

Like the other Ibises, and sometimes in company with them, they nest in groups below the other ibis, mainly in lower branches of trees that are in the water.