Dancing their way to CQ

A Taste of Ireland is bringing Irish dancing and song to Central Queensland.

By Matthew Pearce

After a year off thanks to Covid, the performers from A Taste of Ireland couldn’t wait to be back on the road again.

The all singing, all dancing show is returning to Central Queensland next month – a feel good feast of Irish music and dance from some of the world’s leading performers.

Star and co-producer Ceili Moore said Irish dancing was unique among other sports and art forms.

“To be an Irish dancer you have to be as pretty as a ballerina but also as fit as an Olympian and there’s not very many things that combine those two elements,” she said.

“It’s very very full on, it’s very athletic but you also have to make sure you look good while you do it.”

Irish dancing has been a lifelong passion for Ceili, having taken up the sport when she was just three years old.

“I’ve been dancing for more than 20 years now, my mum was actually the first Australian to win the world championships, so I guess I was kind of born into it,” she said.

“I went to her when I was about three and said, ‘mum I want to start Irish dancing’. She was apprehensive but I begged and I got my way and the guess the rest is history.”

The Taste of Ireland troop includes two musicians, a singer and 14 dancers, as well as technicians, costume people and a bus driver who happens to be Ceili’s father.

“There’s a crew of about 22 of us on the road at any one time,” she said.

“We’re about four weeks into a four-and-a-half month tour.  So far and it’s been such an incredible experience to be back on stage, especially after the year that’s been.”

A Taste of Ireland was one of the first touring companies to undertake a national tour post Covid, with 90 shows booked for around the country.

“The response that we’ve received from audiences has just been overwhelming, everyone is just so excited to get back out,” Ceili said.

“You really can’t beat the experience of sitting next to people and enjoying live theatre.”

Ceili has fond memories of a Taste of Ireland’s last visit to Central Queensland in 2019.

“I remember we went to a beautiful little pub for dinner while we were in Rockhampton last time,” she said.

“A couple of our team are from overseas and they just love being able to see all the different areas in Australia.

“It’s so different to what they’re used to overseas and it’s such a beautiful part of the world.”

Ceili said the show had something for people of all ages.

“We do get a lot of the older demographic but also we get a lot of people who have some connection to Ireland in some way,” she said.

“Maybe they have family that came from there or they’ve been on a trip to Ireland. Some people just love a drink which the Irish do as well!

“They take some comfort in seeing the show and seeing all those things that they relate to.”

A Taste of Ireland will perform at Rockhampton’s Pilbeam Theatre on May 29 and the Gladstone Entertainment Centre on May 30.