Coastal artist lives out dream

Yeppoon artist Wilma La has an exciting debut album release to look forward to.

By Sean Fox

Yeppoon artist Wilma La is infusing textures of European and Middle Eastern sounds into her debut album set for release this month.

If that hasn’t already sold music fans, envisage rich piano chords and soulful brass vocals to capture soundscapes appearing on Baby Fibonacci which will be officially launched at a special function on Saturday, April 24 from 6.30pm at Yeppoon Town Hall.

Co-produced by Paul Pilsneniks, who has worked with the likes of Alanis Morissette, Wilma La’s work features 17 collaborators with portions of music sent from across five different countries.

Proclaimed as an exploration of time as a non-linear concept, the album was a project made possible by the Livingstone Shire Council’s Regional Arts Development Fund.

After having recently been named a recipient of the grant, the passionate artist said it gave her the life-changing opportunity to express herself artistically in a world-class studio surrounded by professional artists.

“It provided me with a body of work that is an entry ticket to playing at festivals, theatres, and other avenues that cover music doesn’t cut through,” she said.

Wilma La encouraged fellow artists to apply for the grant to watch local artistry thrive.

Honing her craft watching jazz heavyweights from an early age, Wilma La’s music transcends genres with a great amount of freedom.

So there’s no surprise the album was inspired by the artist’s love for the ocean, minimalism and one’s spiritual search intertwined with her visual arts background.

Originally from Lithuania, Wilma La spent 12 years within the Middle East as a full-time musician.

Now sharing her work in an open forum, she is thrilled to be amongst music fans in the Livingstone shire.

“I can’t wait to share the stories that have been inspired by this community… all viewed through a lens of motherhood in all its colours,” she said.

Wilma La said her exploration of music was beyond her sense of curiosity, she’s dived into it with her whole heart.

“Each and every song is a piece of my life; a picture of the past, the present or the future, and the shades through which I see my world,” she said.

“I love the gift that performing can offer people… a little time away from the worries of the day, even if it is just a couple of hours; connecting to the audiences, to uplift and inspire.”

Tickets to attend the special launch of Wilma La’s Baby Fibonacci cost $20. To secure yours, visit