Bring the boys some funds

Alistair White from Silky Fuzz.

By Sean Fox

Silky Fuzz have released their brand new single, Pocket Change.

The Central Queensland-based band made their exciting announcement on social media on March 19.

It’s a taste of the material that Luther Hurman, Sam Hooper, Graydon Kennedy, Alistair White and Karl Reinhardt have mastered so far this year, while they have also laid down a few other tracks.

“We always had the idea of the song there, it just took us a bit to get the ball rolling to start recording,” Hurman said.

The boys record their material in Kennedy’s caravan which is fitted with a full studio set-up inside, and their latest release is no exception.

Following the release of Pocket Change, the boys admitted their new track had come naturally to them.

“We came up with the idea and it just flowed out of us,” Hurman said.

“A few tweaks and changes were needed to get it where we wanted it to be but we got there.”

The new track could be taken autobiographically, the boys admitting they’d written the song based on their lifestyle.

“Having barely any money in our pockets but still finding the funds for a party,” Hurman said.

The boys revealed there was heaps of fresh material in the works as they prepared for their upcoming EP, still writing new tracks.

Their exciting plans didn’t end there.

“We are planning on organising a tour soon to showcase all of our new tracks,” Hurman said.

“We want to keep recording and performing shows where we can, hoping to jump on board with some bigger acts this year.”

Silky Fuzz’s latest single, Pocket Change is available now on Spotify.

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