Ava Kaydo into the groove

Maddy Chalk, Ben Thistlethwaite and Jeremy Titmarsh are excited for the release of their debut EP.

Sean Fox

AVA Kaydo is fast becoming one of the hottest names in the indie music scene.

The Yeppoon trio excited fans with the release of their brand new single, Colourless Green Dreams on March 12.

As they recently landed airplay on the national radio program Triple J Unearthed, the trio followed up its release with a music video to further promote their single.

Recorded and mastered with Paradox Productions in Brisbane, the songwriting process for the new track came naturally to them.

Maddy Chalk (vocals and synthesisers), Ben Thistlethwaite (bass) and Jeremy Titmarsh (guitar and backing vocals) have poured their energy into their debut EP, Colourless Green Dreams slated for release on June 18.

This week, Ava Kaydo’s Jeremy Titmarsh spoke exclusively to CQ Today about the band’s new material.

“It felt like we were heading in the right direction and to have Triple J hosts reviewing our songs was pretty cool,” he said.

“When COVID-19 hit, we didn’t have a chance to gig anywhere which gave us an opportunity to really focus on the songwriting.”

After working on the new track, its theme took on a life of its own.

“What started as a groovy, reggae beat ended up turning into this psychedelic reggae-fusion hybrid,” he said.

“This also went hand-in-hand with the spaghetti western inspired guitar riff at the end, which provided the core inspiration for the Quentin Tarantino-esque visuals in the music video.

“We like to let our listeners interpret the lyrics in their own way.”

Not only are the trio in control of their sound, but also their visuals, with their latest clip having been directed by their own Ben Thistlethwaite.

“We sat a camera on a little machine that spins on the spot and had to film ourselves playing the song twice the speed so we could have the video in slow motion,” Jeremy said.

Their vision for the upcoming EP release “wasn’t fully realised” until after it was completed.

“After a few years of writing these songs, it seems a recurrent theme has been laced throughout all of our lyrics,” he said.

“The feeling of unsureness that swells up and swallows you when you step into the real world…the blurry period when you’re trying to sort everything out.”

After forming in 2017, Ava Kaydo has since gained 528 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Their new track, Colourless Green Dreams is available now on streaming platforms.

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